02.13.2017. Watts & McLaren: Scar Tissue Just Released On Amazon

I'm excited to announce my first book is now available on Amazon.com

Watts & McLaren: Scar Tissue (Click on image to browse product page)

In a world infected with militaristic greed and criminal intent, the survivor of a deadly plague is mired in a criminal scheme aimed at unearthing the truth about the frightening genetic modifications it left her with. She finds an unexpected friend in a Special Forces Colonel who is neck deep in her own deadly campaign of revenge. Their unlikely alliance has implications neither can see and stirs powerful forces intent on burying the truth.

This is the first in a planned series of novels based on Colonel Casey Watts and Mary McLaren, Two women searching for answers in a world that would be happier if they would just disappear from the face of the earth, but they refuse to go quietly.



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04.24.2016. putridstone.com Lives Again!

Putrid Stone? What? Why?

The name has its roots way back in my days as a paper RPG fanatic. The inside joke is this. I had an evil meat grinder of a character named Mordeth and he had a heavy warhorse named Putrid Stone, a gray speckled behemoth which the DM absolutely hated because of its name. He killed it. I know, doesn't sound like much of a joke, right?

I decided to get a carbon copy of the steed and named it Putrid Stone as well . . . and he killed it and then had me make a roll to see if I could find another clone this time. I was successful and named it Putrid Stone. About sixty incidents of horse homicide occured over the coming months, but I kept finding a way to get another twin of Putrid Stone. Sometimes other players would find one for me if I failed my roll or another player would resurrect the one that died for me. I loved that imaginary horse and his name. I'm allowed.

At some point about 10 years ago I let the Domain name lapse. I looked into getting it back a year or so later and of course someone snapped it up to sit on it. They most likely grabbed it to try and get money from me if I wanted it back. I looked in on it a few times over the years and it was still in use. I didn't really need it, just wanted it. When I looked for it recently, I needed a Domain. I assume putridstone.com went long enough without any offers that the squatter let it go.

PUTRID STONE LIVES AGAIN!!! ....... Yeah, I'm a freak.

Putridstone.com may seem a little strange, but Wiener.com . . . I'll just let you do the thinking on that and leave it alone.